Friday, August 29, 2014

Aren't dogs the best?

Y'all. I'll just jump right into this blog and skip the pleasantries. Overall today was a fantastic day, but rather dull at times. Six-mile AM run; packed the guest room; cleaned the garage. Ordinary things for a couple in limbo, but hardly filled my whole day.

And then I took Scout with me to grab something at the grocery store. 

If you're ever having trouble appreciating life, watch a dog. Everything is amazing.

New tennis ball? BEST DAY EVER. 

Going for a walk? BEST DAY EVER. 

Ride in the car? BEST DAY EVER. 

Today's was a car ride kind of day. He goes absolutely nuts when we go anywhere. I rolled down the back window (that works) and he stuck his head out the window. 


His excitement is infectious. He's taught me a lot about love, but that's another post for another day. And in case that picture wasn't happy enough for you, here's another from 7 months ago when we celebrated his half-birthday at the park! 

Have a fantastic weekend!

<3 Jenni

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